Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glass of Milk

So, today, a typical gloomy gray day in Canada I woke up from an almost transient dream. I felt as if my actions carried out in my dreams had some sort of effect on the outside world. I could have sworn I made some prolific discovery and asked my mother about it, only to be shot down in an instant with her quick(and accurate) reply of "no". That aside I continued my normal school routines. Wake the fuck up, shower, hair, shoo my cat from the toilet, and put some clothes on. I then cautiously entered the dining room to find my cat "cash" slowly dipping his paws into my milk as if he owned that glass of milk. I softened my every foot step as to surprise the feline, and catch him "white pawed". To my surprise, I had ended up behind cash without him being aware of my obvious presence. In two swift motions I was able to apprehend him, and toss him(gently) to the floor. The tension between the cat and I grew, but brought some levity to the situation by flicking the milk in his face. I anxiously grappled my fork and knife, and cut into the Blueberry Eggo waffles, then; Dissatisfaction. They were cold and brittle. I like my chocolate bars that way, not my Eggos.

So I ended up at Bateman, had my morning cigarette, and made my way into the deserted school. There is nothing more serene than an empty highschool. It's usually packed with kids bustling about, selling drugs, skipping, studying, or making plans. Not that I don't love the motion, but the serentity is much appreciated.

Anyway, I'll finish later, I have to leave Music.

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